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Safety First

CCS Limited have a 100% safety record, giving you peace of mind that your personnel are using equipment that is safe and fit for purpose

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Our qualified inspectors will thoroughly inspect and catalogue all equipment

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CCS Limited has been well established within the industry for many years, priding ourselves on having a professional, customer focused attitude

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Rope Access PPE Inspection

Under the HSE all employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from risk of injury in the work place. If your business requires that any of your personnel wear PPE, then you have a legal obligation to carrier out a PPE Inspection:

If you are self-employed and are responsible for your own PPE inspection, for Caving Equipment, Ropes Access, Climbing-walls, Arborist, Work at height or outdoor pursuits, an IRATA qualified technician, we can provide a kit inspection service for individuals also.

For many businesses this is another thing to do and takes time and effort to organise. Our team of qualified PPE inspectors are fully insured and have the needed experience to give you peace of mind when it comes to your PPE requirements.

Working at Height

Our fully qualified independent assessors can inspect any specialist equipment to be used with fall protection/arrest systems. This range of highly specialised equipment includes lanyards, safety ropes, weight trolleys, full harnesses, carabiners, connectors etc. All such equipment should be checked by the user before each use, but legislation dictates that it be inspected by an independent body every six months and certificated as safe to use or fit for purpose.

IRATA, LOLER & HSE regulations advise that inspections should be made by an independent company to ensure unbiased decisions are made to ensure the integrity of the equipment being inspected.

PPE Inspections

Our PPE Inspection include:

• Inspection of all PPE equipment by a competent and qualified inspector
• Details of unique identification of all equipment inspected
• Details of the frequency of inspection required

• Properly assessed by a competent person
• Certification of all equipment tested

• Date of next inspection
• Fit for purpose

We charge a minimum fee of £20 for inspecting individual items of rope access and work at height safety equipment.

Return carriage will be charged at cost, the cost of carriage will be higher for heavier items.

Rope Access

Equipment Inspection

  • Decenders conforming to BS-EN12841C, EN341A

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Energy absorbers conforming to BS- EN355

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Harnesses conforming to BS-EN361, EN358, EN813, EN12277

    £7.00 + VAT each - Harness with integrated chest ascenders additional £3.50 + VAT

    Helmets conforming to BS-EN397, EN12492

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Connectors including mallions and karabiners conforming to BS-EN362

    £3.00 + VAT each

    Webbing and rope lanyards conforming to BS-EN354, EN566, EN795

    £3.00 + VAT each - Lanyards with rope adjustment clamps are an additional £4.00 + VAT

    Work restraint and pole belts conforming to BS- EN358

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Pulleys conforming to BS-EN12278, EN1909, EN12278/567

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Rope grabs and ascenders conforming to BS-EN12841, EN567

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Static and dynamic ropes conforming to EN1891, EN892

    0-50m £5.00 + VAT each, 51-100m £10.00 + VAT each, 101-200m £18.00 + VAT each

    Rescue stretchers

    £25.00 + VAT each

    Wire anchor strops conforming to BS- EN795

    £3.50 + VAT each

    Winches, tripods, fall arrest blocks, etc.

    Price available per request - Manufacturers requirements will vary

References available upon request

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