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HBuilding Maintenance and Window Cleaning

Client:Lombard Wharf
Industry:Real Estate Services


Lombard Wharf Tower, a prominent 28-story building in the heart of London's, faced significant challenges in maintaining its exterior facade and windows. Traditional scaffolding methods were not only costly but also disruptive to the building's operations and the surrounding busy city streets. The client required a solution that minimized disruption, adhered to strict safety standards, and was cost-effective.


CCS Rope Access Ltd was approached to provide a comprehensive exterior maintenance solution utilizing advanced rope access techniques. The project was divided into three main phases: Initial Inspection and Assessment: A team of IRATA-certified technicians conducted a thorough inspection of the building's facade to assess the condition and identify areas requiring immediate attention. Using lightweight and flexible rope access equipment, the team was able to quickly and safely navigate the building's exterior, significantly reducing the setup time compared to traditional scaffolding. High-Rise Window Cleaning: Utilizing eco-friendly and efficient cleaning solutions, the rope access team performed a comprehensive cleaning of all exterior windows. This not only improved the building's aesthetic appeal but also enhanced natural light penetration, contributing to a better indoor environment for occupants. The flexibility of rope access allowed for minimal disruption to the building's operations,

Facade Maintenance and Repairs:

Minor repairs and maintenance tasks identified during the initial assessment were addressed, including sealing cracks, replacing damaged panels, and ensuring the integrity of the building's exterior. The team employed rope access techniques to perform these tasks efficiently, avoiding the need for extensive scaffolding and reducing the overall project cost.

Rope access equipment utilized for building

Cable Installation

A rope access facade survey involves a team of qualified technicians who use ropes and harnesses to descend, ascend, or traverse along the exterior walls of a structure.
Experienced abseiler glass replacement on a skyscraper's windows

Complete Building Cleaning

The purpose of the survey is to assess the condition of the facade, identify any defects or damages, and recommend appropriate solutions.
Cambridge painting services

Restoration Works

A facade survey is a valuable service that can help preserve and enhance the functionality, durability, beauty, and value of a building's facade.


The project was completed within the scheduled timeframe and under budget, demonstrating the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the rope access methods. Lombard Wharf management reported a significant improvement in the building's appearance and received positive feedback from tenants and visitors. The use of rope access techniques minimized disruption to the building's daily operations and the surrounding area, aligning with the client's requirement for a non-intrusive solution. Following the success of the project, CCS Rope Access Ltd was retained for ongoing maintenance and inspection services, establishing a long-term partnership with the client.


The high-rise maintenance and window cleaning project for the Lombard Wharf showcases CCS Rope Access Ltd's expertise in providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for challenging access requirements. By leveraging advanced rope access techniques, the company not only met but exceeded client expectations, reinforcing its position as a leader in the rope access industry in London.

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