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Skilled abseiler performing gutter cleaning to maintain proper drainage on a buildingRope access team repairing damaged exterior cladding caused by weatheringAbseiling technician conducting rope rigging for banner advertising on a high-rise building.Abseiling technician conducting anchor point installation for future maintenance needsRope access expert inspecting and repairing rainwater drainage systems on a building
Experienced abseiler conducting rooftop antenna installation for improved communication

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Rope access team performing concrete repair on a structure


We offer abseiling services for various purposes, such as window cleaning, building maintenance, painting, and more.

Abseiling technician conducting stone restoration on a historical building facade


We have established ourselves as one of the UK's leading Rope Access companies and have remained at the forefront of our industry for over 20 years.

An image depicting the installation of eyebolts, crucial components in establishing safe anchorage points for rope access activities.


If you need to perform maintenance work in hard-to-reach areas, our abseiling company can help you

"T.E.A.M.=Together Everyone Achieves More!"

CCS Rope Access Ltd is a leading Rope Access company in the UK. We offer safe, efficient and affordable solutions for challenging access situations. Our customers save up to 60% compared to scaffolding and benefit from our high-quality services. Our team has over 20 years of rope access experience in cambridge and across the UK.


Rope access team conducting periodic inspections of a bridge suspension system

Cable Installation

We can install cables, feeders, jumpers, connectors, trunking and trays.
Rope access expert applying waterproofing coatings to protect a building's exterior

Complete Building Cleaning

We carry out builders cleans and arrange for a routine cleaning schedules.
Skilled rope access worker conducting facade caulking to prevent water infiltration

Restoration Works

Restoring and painting windows to a Grade 2 listed building

Rope Access Can Benefit Your Business?

Rope access contractors offer a flexible and economical solution to scaffolding needs. Our teams of rope access technicians are highly trained and certified by IRATA, Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. They can be deployed quickly and safely to any location, following strict standards and procedures. Rope access is a professional and efficient way to access hard-to-reach areas without compromising on quality or safety.

WORK - SAFETY REPORT 2019This report summarizes employment and accident/incident data submitted by member companies to the **Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA)** during the period Jan-Dec 2019. IRATA is the world's leading authority on industrial rope access, with over 570 member companies and more than 130,000 trained technicians worldwide . .


CHAS is established as the market leader for health and safety pre-qualification in the UK.

Abseiling (or absailing as it's often spelt!) can save you money compared to scaffolding by offering a cost effective solution to access problems, whilst carrying out a wide range of building repairs and maintenance. Painting, High rise window cleaning,Eyebolt testing and Installation, Abseil window cleaning services, Doff cleaning services, Concrete repairs, Confined spaces, Window cleaning,Sealant - Mastic, Re-Pointing,External pluming, Surveys,Rope access PPE inspection.

We hold combined liability insurance for all rope access operations and are qualified IRATA rope access technicians and operate in accordance with the IRATA code of practice and BS 7985:



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We never sacrifice quality; relying on the integrity and honesty of our technicians is the key to a successful contract being completed on time and within budget. Making every effort to ensure that our client's needs are met in a professional and safe manner. At CCS Rope Access Ltd, we believe that our employees are our biggest asset. Therefore, we continue to encourage our employees to pursue their education and training.

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Yes, we can save our customers money by offering a cost-effective solution compared to the disruption of erecting scaffolding. Offering a wide range of services including building cleaning, repairs, and maintenance services. Abseiling techniques allow virtually any job to be carried out by our experienced technicians on buildings or structures without the need for expensive and disruptive methods, such as scaffolding, lifts, or cradles. Like any other method of working at height, the application of rope access should be regarded as a complete system, in which planning, management, competence, and suitable equipment should be treated with equal importance.

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  • Skilled professionals providing abseiling contract services, showcasing efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • A team of rope access specialists using pressure washer equipment to deliver thorough cleaning and washing services, ensuring pristine results.
  • Testimonial image showcasing window repair and maintenance services provided by skilled rope access technicians, highlighting their reliability and expertise.