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CCS Ltd Specialist Rope Access consultant for survey, advise and manage all working at height issues.

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Established as one of the UK's leading Rope Access companies CCS Ltd have remained at the forefront of the rope access industry for over 20 years.

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Our service guarantee to customers is a strict adherence to all IRATA guidelines (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association).

Rope Access Facade Survey

Rope access technicians can perform a variety of tasks, such as inspection, maintenance, cleaning, painting, and installation. One of the applications of rope access is facade survey, which involves assessing the condition and performance of the external walls and windows of a building. Facade survey can help identify defects, damages, leaks, corrosion, and other issues that may affect the structural integrity and aesthetic appearance of a building. Rope access facade survey can offer several advantages over other methods, such as scaffolding, cradles, or drones. Rope access is faster, safer, more cost-effective, and less disruptive to the building occupants and the surrounding environment. Rope access also allows for a more comprehensive and detailed inspection of the facade, as technicians can access every part of the structure and use various tools and techniques to collect data and samples. Rope access facade survey can provide valuable information for building owners, managers, engineers, architects, and contractors to plan and implement appropriate remediation and maintenance actions

The advantages of using rope access over other methods of access, such as scaffolding, cradles, or drones, include: - Lower cost and faster completion time - Minimal disruption and environmental impact - Greater flexibility and adaptability - Higher quality and accuracy of data collection - Enhanced safety and security.

Facade Maintenance


Rope access equipment being utilized for exterior building

Cable Installation

A rope access facade survey involves a team of qualified technicians who use ropes and harnesses to descend, ascend, or traverse along the exterior walls of a structure.
Experienced abseiler performing glass replacement on a skyscraper's windows

Complete Building Cleaning

The purpose of the survey is to assess the condition of the facade, identify any defects or damages, and recommend appropriate solutions.

Restoration Works

A facade survey is a valuable service that can help preserve and enhance the functionality, durability, beauty, and value of a building's facade.

Can Rope Access Benefit Your Business?

Rope access contractors provide the most flexible and cost-effective alternative to scaffolding.
We can provide teams of fully qualified independently assessed rope access technician at short notice, whilst adhering
to strict guidelines set out by I.R.A.T.A. Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

WORK & SAFETY REPORT 2019 This report summarizes employment and
accident/incident data submitted by member companies to the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) during the period Jan-Dec 2019.

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